In reality, blackjack dealer doesn't always win, but many players feel dealer wins numerous times in blackjack. Always remember that the casinos only offer players games with an in-built house advantage. House advantage is not a guarantee that a dealer will win always. The dealer will only win little more than a skilled player over the long run. This article will explore the reasons blackjack dealers always seem to win.

No Proper Understanding of Probability

If you won't be counting cards, no need to bother about probabilities. The blackjack's basic strategies have taken care of that already. In blackjack, there are two types of probabilities that players should bother about. The first is the sharing returns between blackjack players and house advantage. The house advantage don't predict the number of times the house wins, rather it forecasts the amount of money the house keeps.

Despite the fact that the house needs to win many times in the game to be ahead, what differentiates probabilities of card play and payout odds creates the edge. In gambling games, if there's a 50-50 chance of a certain result, the house pays lower than 1:1 on the odds. The next probability that you'd worry about is that the card they're dealt next helps them.

  • Dividing between returns to blackjack players and house advantage
  • the card they are dealt next will help them
  • the card they are dealt next will help them

It doesn't really matter the number of players playing at your table. What matters is remaining in the shoe when it gets to your turn for a card. To understand whether the dealer always wins, you need to understand the two basic probabilities that we've discussed in this part of the article. But remember that you don't need to worry about probability expect you want to be counting cards.

Number of Hands Played Per Hour

If you are at the table with just the dealer, chances are that you can play as much as 300 hands in an hour. However, if you are with five people at the table, then every single round is sure to take longer. This means that you'll be playing just a couple of hands per hour. You will certainly lose money in the long run by applying basic strategies.

Tipping the Dealer

The dealer will win when you leave a tip. Tipping the dealer can be considered as a courteous habit, one that a lot of players practice. But the truth is that this habit can make it a bit difficult for one to get ahead. The best thing to do is to limit your tip to when you walk out of the blackjack table.

Not in the Right State of Mind

Playing this game requires one to be in a good condition. A player should only plan when he or she is well-rested and functioning well. This is because is nearly impossible for a player to make a smart decision with an unclear head. However, most players play when they are stressed or worried, and this result in unsound decisions which lead to excessive losses.

  • Never play when you're troubled.
  • Do not play when you are worried.
  • Never play under the influence of alcohol.

Following a Gambling System

Following a certain gambling system is one reason players lose a lot while the house wins more. The simple truth is that all gambling system has their advantages and disadvantages, but most gambling systems end up skyrocketing the house advantage, thereby posing more risks of a loss for the player. Though you can win in blackjack without counting cards, it still remains one of the best blackjack strategies.

Taking Insurance or Inside Bets

Side bets appear to be profitable, but it ends up increasing the house advantage. And you lose side bets. The losses are usually very huge. Players should avoid the insurance side bet at all costs. This is because, during the gameplay, you're playing alone with the game dealer in a normal one-deck game. A report from graph shows that on average, a $10 insurance loses 33 times and wins 16 times.